University of Pennsylvania


Private University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1740 by the famous American politician Benjamin Franklin. Originally, this school opened as a free school for the children of working-class of Philadelphia. In 1779, almost forty years after the opening, the school has received university status.

Often with the University of Pennsylvania confused The Pennsylvania State University which is located in University Park.

Imitating the leading European universities, the University of Pennsylvania became the first university in the United States, which adopted a multidisciplinary model, which means that one school has concentrated several completely different departments, such as theology, classics and medicine.

University of Pennsylvania can be called a pioneer of American education, as in many areas of the university was the discoverer. For example, the University of Pennsylvania was the first among the thirteen colonies of the first medical school in North America in 1881 was opened (later states) providing degrees of Bachelor and Master's in 1765 on the basis of the university - business school Wharton (Wharton school), and in 1896 - the first student union.

Since 1923, dozens of graduates of the University of Pennsylvania have won the Nobel Prize.

Today, the University of Pennsylvania offers a wide selection of specialties for applicants, the most popular among them are: medicine, dentistry, design, business management, law, engineering, veterinary medicine, as well as the social sciences and humanities.

Pennsylvania State University is consistently ranked among the top research institutions in the world, both in quality and quantity of research. In 2011, the University spent for research $ 814 million, becoming the leader in this indicator among the Ivy League universities.

As one of the most active and productive research institutions, the University of Pennsylvania is associated with several important discoveries and innovations in many areas of science, among which are the first electronic computer (ENIAC), the lates discovery in this field was described in the dissertation From ENIAC to UNIVAC the development of the rubella vaccine and hepatitis B, as well as cognitive therapy.

Over the past ten years, 9 teachers and graduates of the University of Pennsylvania were awarded the Nobel Prize. Another interesting fact is that the University of Pennsylvania have completed the highest number of graduates who have become billionaires in the future.

Sports University team is a leader in the student leagues and Franklin Stadium is the oldest existing football stadium of all the educational institutions of America.

Princeton University


Princeton University is located at a distance of 70 kilometers from New York City and the same distance from Philadelphia, in a small quiet town of Princeton, New Jersey. The university was founded in 1746, what makes it one of the oldest educational institutions of America. Princeton was the first university to offer financial assistance in the form of grants to needy students (do not confuse with the credits). Princeton University is part of the Ivy League.

In the 2014-2015 academic year at Princeton University teach 5200 undergraduate students and 2600 graduate students, with whom work more than 1100 professors.

Among the famous alumni of Princeton University are many Nobel Prize winners, famous writers, mathematicians, economists and politicians, among which are the US presidents James Madison and Woodrow Wilson, Nobel Prize winner John Nash and writer Haruki Murakami.

Students who graduated from Princeton, receive bachelor's or master's degree in the humanities, engineering, natural and social sciences.

Tuition at Princeton as of 2015 is as follows:

Training Course - $ 41820

Room in hostel - $ 7570

Nutrition - 6050 $

Other expenses (books, supplies, writing services, etc.) - $ 3525

Total, one year of study at Princeton University will cost you $ 58965. This amount is huge, not only for foreign visitors, but for the average American, so there are a lot of loans and savings accounts, money that are deposited for decades. But, even with the required amount, it does not guarantee you will enter into this temple of knowledge. On average, study at Princeton University gets about 10% of applicants.


What is the Ivy League?


The oldest and most famous universities in the United States are part of the so-called Ivy League.

The Ivy League - Association of 8 private universities in the US, located in seven northeastern states. For the first time the term was mentioned in 1933 during a football game between the universities of Columbia and Pennsylvania. As an alternative to watching a boring game, the commentator suggested transfer attention to how growing ivy. In continuation, the second commenter added that it would be good to create the Ivy League.

The widespread use of the term Ivy League has received in 1954 after the formation of the sport League of eight private universities. Later this name went beyond sporting events. To date, the Ivy League includes the most prestigious private universities in the US.

Which universities are part of the Ivy League?

  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
    Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Columbia University, New York, NY
    Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
    Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Education in the universities of the Ivy League will give you the necessary skills to write professional papers and CV and to work in the world's foremost companies.


American University Management Structure


Since 1865, the majority of American private universities came under the control of Board of Trustees, consisting of selected graduates. This move was prompted by the fact that in the 40-ies of the XIX century, Harvard University came under enormous pressure from the Ministry of Education for its elitism, exclusivity and high cost.

Bureaucrats, sharpened tooth on Harvard University, even tried to change the educational program and prevented the appointment of teaching staff. In response, Harvard went to drastic measures, creating a board of trustees, consisting of well-known graduates. This management model has helped to defend the university position. Inspired by the success of Harvard, similar measures had taken other private universities, Yale University first, followed by the College of William and Mary, etc.

Today 19 of the top 20 US private universities are controlled by their graduates. As it turns out, is a very effective method of control because any hired specialist from outside, will not care about the prestige of the university as it is doing its best graduates.

To date, the United States is considered the most desirable place for education among foreign students. In 2014, in the American universities were recieved college papers and enrolled over 800 000 foreign students, most of whom were registered in California, New York and Texas. The most popular specialties among foreigners were: management, information technology, mathematics and engineering.

Foreign students are attracted not only by the high level of American education, but also the possibility of further employment in the United States, as well as getting a place of residence. A variety of American universities locations also plays an important role in the selection of the university. The bright lights of big cities or kilometers of unspoiled nature, sunny beaches and lush forests, everyone will find something of their own in this incredibly diverse country.


The most popular profession in the US


The labor market is one of the key indicators of the economy's health. Having reviewed the most and least popular jobs, it can be concluded what occupations in the United States are considered to be promising, and which on the contrary, are on the verge of extinction.

What is the most popular profession in the United States? The largest number of jobs in the United States represented in the food sector. Throughout the United States is concentrated huge amount of restaurants, cafes, fast-food and other items on the meal, so the work in the field of nutrition is the most common. So right after graduation and writing term paper you can be sure you'll be able to find job in this sphere.

As a rule, representatives of the most popular professions receive lower wages. Cashiers, janitors, waiters and storekeepers top the list of the most common jobs in the United States. Their average salary is typically less than $ 25,000 per year. For comparison, the average American factory worker earns more than $ 46,000 per year.

The most common American jobs require a minimum of education. For example, the food industry employees do not need a high school diploma, and the work itself requires no special training. Janitors, cashiers and retailers also do not need a diploma of education and the presence of a lot of experience.

In the United States you will be offered several options for the development of career opportunities. In America, there are many instances when an ordinary salesman or cashier becomes the manager of trading network.

But be sured, you can always find much more interesting job with higher salary. Just concentrate on your graduation and diplome right now.

How to choose a profession?


Every person sooner or later have to choose or change professions. As a youth with a choice of easy to make mistakes, and a mistake that is made is not easy to fix. Unloved work eventually ceases to satisfy not only morally, but also financially. How to choose a business that will be liked, and easy?

Approximately determine the direction of future activities, it is necessary to make a research what occupations is primarily demand on the market and where they can be learn most effectively. Then everything will depend on your ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions, most fully apply existing knowledge and skills, and complement them with new ones.

The choice of profession - is largely a philosophical question. First of all, it must decide what place in life do you attach to the professional activity at the moment and how this may change over the years. Under current conditions, there is not only a huge selection of specialties, but also plenty of options for care related learning on the job, generate additional earnings.

Earlier, people chose their university and career once and for all life. Now in the context of the work increasingly deals with the most complete disclosure of intellectual, creative and personal potential. The scope expanded so it is easy to get lost - especially young people who have not yet figured out what they want most.

Basics of career choices are laid at school, when the lessons identified the ability to some subjects, and during communication with parents, teachers and peers - personal qualities. Already at this time may be decided in which of the main spheres of human activity makes sense to exert the forces.

At the same time, however, it is important to understand that the ability to mathematics can be applied and in the financial and economic sphere, and in engineering, and in the field of fundamental research, and talent for music can cause a person not only on stage but also in pedagogy, and in the music business.

Individual work of students


High school is different from the middle not only specialization of training, but mostly with the method of study, the degree of independence of students. High school teacher in certain way arranges cognitive activity of students, the knowledge itself provides the student himself.

Individual work primarily completes the task of all the other types of study. No knowledge who do not become the object of their own activities, can not be considered a true heritage of person. In addition to the practical importance of individual work is of great educational value: it forms the independence not only as a set of specific skills, but also as a character trait, which plays an essential role in the structure of the personality of the modern expert of the highest qualification. Therefore, in each institution for each course is carefully selected materials for individual practical and writing assignments for all students, without exception, under the guidance of teachers.

Mandatory individual work has a variety of forms, most often it is a variety of "homework". In high schools are scheduled individual work with an application for a semester curricula and training programs. Schedule - a kind of stimulus, forcing students to plan their time, to use it. Activities carried out by the students, should be systematically monitored by teachers, and the most serious errors - deal in conversations with students.

The basis for the individual work is relevant scientific and theoretical course, but rather, the entire complex of the knowledge acquired by students. Before starting work, students receive a special note on the implementation individual work - determined by the requirements specified sources, recommended the most rational method.

Preparations for lectures, seminars, laboratory work, tests, exams is often seen primarily as an organized individual self study. However, experimental studies and the practice of the universities shows, that in this case, at certain stages, it is more effective if it involves two or three person.