Individual work of students


High school is different from the middle not only specialization of training, but mostly with the method of study, the degree of independence of students. High school teacher in certain way arranges cognitive activity of students, the knowledge itself provides the student himself.

Individual work primarily completes the task of all the other types of study. No knowledge who do not become the object of their own activities, can not be considered a true heritage of person. In addition to the practical importance of individual work is of great educational value: it forms the independence not only as a set of specific skills, but also as a character trait, which plays an essential role in the structure of the personality of the modern expert of the highest qualification. Therefore, in each institution for each course is carefully selected materials for individual practical and writing assignments for all students, without exception, under the guidance of teachers.

Mandatory individual work has a variety of forms, most often it is a variety of "homework". In high schools are scheduled individual work with an application for a semester curricula and training programs. Schedule - a kind of stimulus, forcing students to plan their time, to use it. Activities carried out by the students, should be systematically monitored by teachers, and the most serious errors - deal in conversations with students.

The basis for the individual work is relevant scientific and theoretical course, but rather, the entire complex of the knowledge acquired by students. Before starting work, students receive a special note on the implementation individual work - determined by the requirements specified sources, recommended the most rational method.

Preparations for lectures, seminars, laboratory work, tests, exams is often seen primarily as an organized individual self study. However, experimental studies and the practice of the universities shows, that in this case, at certain stages, it is more effective if it involves two or three person.