University of Pennsylvania


Private University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1740 by the famous American politician Benjamin Franklin. Originally, this school opened as a free school for the children of working-class of Philadelphia. In 1779, almost forty years after the opening, the school has received university status.

Often with the University of Pennsylvania confused The Pennsylvania State University which is located in University Park.

Imitating the leading European universities, the University of Pennsylvania became the first university in the United States, which adopted a multidisciplinary model, which means that one school has concentrated several completely different departments, such as theology, classics and medicine.

University of Pennsylvania can be called a pioneer of American education, as in many areas of the university was the discoverer. For example, the University of Pennsylvania was the first among the thirteen colonies of the first medical school in North America in 1881 was opened (later states) providing degrees of Bachelor and Master's in 1765 on the basis of the university - business school Wharton (Wharton school), and in 1896 - the first student union.

Since 1923, dozens of graduates of the University of Pennsylvania have won the Nobel Prize.

Today, the University of Pennsylvania offers a wide selection of specialties for applicants, the most popular among them are: medicine, dentistry, design, business management, law, engineering, veterinary medicine, as well as the social sciences and humanities.

Pennsylvania State University is consistently ranked among the top research institutions in the world, both in quality and quantity of research. In 2011, the University spent for research $ 814 million, becoming the leader in this indicator among the Ivy League universities.

As one of the most active and productive research institutions, the University of Pennsylvania is associated with several important discoveries and innovations in many areas of science, among which are the first electronic computer (ENIAC), the lates discovery in this field was described in the dissertation From ENIAC to UNIVAC the development of the rubella vaccine and hepatitis B, as well as cognitive therapy.

Over the past ten years, 9 teachers and graduates of the University of Pennsylvania were awarded the Nobel Prize. Another interesting fact is that the University of Pennsylvania have completed the highest number of graduates who have become billionaires in the future.

Sports University team is a leader in the student leagues and Franklin Stadium is the oldest existing football stadium of all the educational institutions of America.