The role of education in human life

Through education comes broadcast culture from one generation to another.


On the one hand, education is influenced by the economic and political spheres of public life, as well as the socio-cultural environment - national, regional, religious traditions (so models and forms of education are significantly different from each other: we can talk about the Russian, the American, the French education system).


On the other hand, education - a relatively independent subsystem of the social life, which may have an impact on all aspects of society. For example, modernization of education in the country makes it possible to further improve the quality of the labor force and, therefore, contribute to the development of the economy. Civic education contributes to the democratization of the political sphere of society, the legal - the strengthening of the legal culture. In general, quality education forms a harmonious personality in general cultural and professional plans.


Education is of great importance not only for society but also for the individual. In modern society, education - this is the main "social elevator", which allows talented person to rise from the bottoms of public life and to achieve a high social status.

Education - one of the most important spheres of social life, which depends on the functioning of the intellectual, cultural, moral condition of society. The result is reduced to the education of the individual, ie, his new quality, expressed and in the totality of the acquired knowledge and skills that can be used for custom services.