Education and its functions


Education is a process and the result of the initiation of human knowledge about the world, values, experience gained by previous generations.

Education, as well as science, can be seen in three aspects:

- It is a holistic system of human knowledge about the world, backed up by relevant skills in various areas of activity;
- it is
targeted training of the individual, forming certain knowledge and skills in person;
- a system of social institutions providing pre-vocational and vocational training.

The purpose of education is to turn the person's beliefs, ideals, and values of the dominant part of society.

Education functions as follows:

  •     education;
  •     socialization;
  •     training of qualified professionals;
  •     introduction to modern technologies and other products of culture.

Education - is the result of learning.

An educated person - the person who has mastered a certain amount of systematic knowledge and, moreover, used to logically thinking, highlighting cause and effect, educated person can easily describe his thoughts with essay writing.

The main criterion of education - systematic knowledge and systematic thinking, manifested in the fact that man is able to independently restore the missing links in the system of knowledge through logical reasoning.